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Going Green at the Altar: Why a Sustainable Wedding is the Best Way to Say 'I Do!'

Happy Earth Day!

Let’s chat sustainable weddings!

A sustainable wedding is a wedding that prioritizes sustainability and environmental consciousness throughout the planning and execution of the event. This includes choosing eco-friendly vendors and materials, minimizing waste and carbon emissions, and prioritizing ethical practices. Some ways to achieve a sustainable wedding is include using local and seasonal flowers, serving organic and locally sourced food, using recyclable or reusable decor, encouraging guests to carpool or use public transportation, and opting for a minimalist and low-waste approach. Here at Gather we can recommend the best vendors and products to bring your vision to reality. This styled shoot highlights a few ways you can reduce the overall footprint left by your wedding.

How do I choose eco-friendly vendors and materials?

Choose only local vendors. This minimizes the road usage for them to produce your event. Also look at renting China and décor instead of purchasing items you will toss after the event. We highly recommend CA Décor and More for your China and tabletop décor rentals. This company is based out of Elgin and has been in the events business for over 30 years. We can stand behind their work and we’ve never seen a disappointed couple.

How do I minimize waste and carbon emissions?

Book local, skip personalized favors that get tossed, skip disposables (prior to the dance floor opening. Nothing shuts down a dance floor faster than a broken wine glass!), rent décor, and PLANTS! Use live plants! House plants are great to keep at home after the wedding or they can be distributed amongst your guests’ homes celebrating your wedding for years to come. Mixing up the colors and textures of the pots allows you to infuse your personality and colors into your event in a very re-useable way. The plants seen in this shoot are all from the local Home Depot, pots all from At Home! Check with your favorite florist to see if they rent plants too.

What do you suggest for recyclable or reusable décor?

RENTALS! And LIVE plants! Most rental items are of much higher commercial quality which are designed to be used over and over again so that the carbon footprint of manufacturing these items is divided by the number of times they are used. For larger creative rental installations, we recommend Atmosphere Events or Bling in the Barn. If live plants are not your look, consider a local flower farm where you can pick your own bouquets! We are a fan of The Wildflower Farm. Another way to make a huge impact on your décor is to rent linens. Linens come in a variety of colors which allow you to set a beautiful table without breaking the bank or sending your table covering to a landfill. We work with Windy City Linen most often as their selections are large and practices (once a week delivery and pick up) really keep in mind what’s best for Mother Earth. Ultimately, a sustainable wedding aims to reduce the environmental impact of the event while celebrating love and commitment in a conscious way. We at Gather are here to help you achieve your wedding visions!



Photography: The Still Life | Décor: CA Décor and More

Hair & Makeup: Artistry By Annalise


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Unknown member
Apr 26, 2023

Thank you for opening here in Pingree Grove. Looking forward to the function on Saturday making a flower arrangement. Also anxious on seeing the inside

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